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A full cast audio adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s classic tale of friendship and adventure, with an original script and music.

Based on the highly successful stage adaptation created in 2012, this is a professionally produced, full cast audio recording, complete with sound effects and original music.  This production was made possible by the generous contributions of many supporters.

Following the world premiere stage production in 2012, we knew we weren’t finished telling our version of this classic tale.  We had always hoped to create an audio adaptation of the story, using the same script, music and performers as in the original production.

In addition, we were able to add material back to the story script that had to be cut for the stage production due to time considerations.  This material includes two entire chapters from Grahame’s book – “Home Sweet Home” and “Wayfarers All.”

Daven Tillinghast and Bruce Whitney created two new songs for the audio adaptation.  We also engaged the services of veteran sound engineer John Manini to create a professional, high quality product.

The audio recording is our way of keeping alive this telling of Grahame’s  wonderful, moving, funny and exciting tale of Rat, Mole, Badger and Rat.

Cast and Crew List

Audio Samples

The River – Rat recalls how it all started – 01 – The River-Sample

The Open Road – Mole meets Toad, Toad sells an adventure – 02 – The Open Road-Sample

The Wild Wood – Mole strikes out on her own – 03 – The Wild Wood-Sample

Badger – Rat and Mole come out of the storm – 04 – Badger-Sample

Home, Sweet Home – Mole remembers something – 05 – Home Sweet Home-Sample

Mister Toad – Toad dupes Rat, and Mirror Toad has an idea – 06 – Mister Toad-Sample

Wayfarers All – A dejected Rat visits the Swallows – 07 – Wayfarers All-Sample

Toad’s Adventures – Toad has reason to be grateful – 08 – Toad’s Adventures-Sample

The Toad Came Home – Mole plays a trick – 09 – The Toad Came Home-Sample

Click on the Play Triangle to begin playing sample. Click on the speaker icon to turn sound up or down. Once the track is playing, click on the levals to adjust the volumn. 


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