John Manini

John has spent the last 20 years working to dispel the “angry sound guy” image ingrained in our culture. His tastes run the gamut; he ran “Speed Limit 35”, a punk venue out of his living room in Olympia, WA., worked with A-list celebrities and C-Level executives, and once found himself in the unfortunate position of being caught between a bathroom and a full-bladdered Steven Tyler, whom he considers neither a punk nor an A-list celebrity. This earned him a yelling.

John’s work has led him into the realm of video and event production and he enjoys solving problems and prefers being thought of as a Swiss Army knife as opposed to a Renaissance Man.

John came to be a part of Open Road Productions when he was snookered into recording and mastering the <a title=”The Wind in the Willows Audio Adaptation” href=””>Wind In the Willows audio adaptation</a> by a fiendishly clever Andy Gordon whose grip to this day John cannot escape.

John continues to work around the Pacific Northwest as a freelance A/V guy and on the rare occasions he wears pants, he is flying by their seat.

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